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This is an excerpt from ATTACK & CONFUSION. (Available soon.)


Photo'd David Wilkins, the US ambassador, the other day. Went to his house, which, in the parlance, is called a residence.

While we’re waiting for the shoot to begin I ask the ambassador’s butler, Gianni, what I’m supposed to call the dude. He smiles a knowing smile, looks down at me and says: “Why, ‘Mister Ambassador’, of course”. I already knew that and had been practising all weekend, saying “Mister Ambassador” right out loud so it wouldn’t feel too weird.

The ambassador finally comes out and is, of course, a great guy. Unassuming and gracious, as you would expect. I started off calling him “Sir”, slipped in a few “Mister Ambassadors” but, before long, ended up calling him what I call a lot of the people I fotograf: “Baby”.                                                                                                                                                              



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Couple of weeks ago I killed drool, the blog I had been writing since 2006. 

There was a lot of (if you ask me) interesting content in there: politics, thoughts, opinion and so on, about (mostly) photography. Rather than let all those words and pictures wallow in virtual limbo, I decided to pull the best stuff out and make it into a book.

Actually, it's 2 books in one . . . looked at one way, the book is called "ATTACK & CONFUSION", looked at the other way (flipped over) it's called "SLEEPING AND WAKING UP".

The 2 covers. Actually, these are't the covers, they're just things I slammed out, to be placeholders until an actual designer designs the real ones.

The first one is about photography in general (including USER), the flip side is 44 pages from the journals I kept while I was shooting LIVE THROUGH THIS.


The book(s) will be 128 pages with over 120 photos. Many of the images from ASLEEP AND WAKING UP have not been seen before. Plus there are many, many words, outlining, trying to define, my take on photography, the world, how-to, how-not-to and other stuff. 

A publication sure to inspire and provoke. 

Expected delivery: mid-November. Sign up for the STRAYLIGHT newsletter for advance notice.


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We have a plan for the binding of Scot Sothern's Sad City. We want it to be French Stitched, we also want to leave the creep in. (Creep is the shifting position of the page in a saddle-stitched bind. Creep moves the inside pages away from the spine.)

 The first sample we received left a lot to be desired, so we found another printer/bindery to dummy up a blank sample, so we could see. Just received that sample and must report we're quite happy with its look and feel.

So now we can get going with the actual design of Sad City. (There was no point designing the book until we had the bindery problems solved.)

Everything in publishing seems to take time. Just like life, I suppose. And who was it who said, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once"?


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Working on the nuts and bolts of HOME, by Timothy Archibald.

Figuring out size.

It matters.



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Page spread from a book we're working on. 

HOME, by Timothy Archibald.

Stay tuned for more info . . .

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