About Us

What is STRAYLIGHT PRESS? Or, more to the point, what can it become?

Like all things that are meant to evolve and define themselves, the answer will become more clear as time goes on.

STRAYLIGHT’s intention is to become a portal for the support and sale of printed photo matter. Books and ‘zines. Photographers’ projects in small editions, some with original prints. Occasionally certain projects will be brought to fruition, to book form, through using STRAYLIGHT as a venue for pre-sales. 

The projects offered on STRAYLIGHT will be curated in the sense that when you come to browse you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to bump into. But it will want to keep you on your toes, surprised, too. 

It would be counterproductive to define STRAYLIGHT’s mandate any further here. . .this thing is meant to evolve. And that evolution will have a lot to do with the ideas, the projects, and the energy and passion photographers and concerned citizens bring to it.

The first STRAYLIGHT book project will be to fund, by pre-sales, LIVE THROUGH THIS.

Go and look. Buy. Support.