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The 2nd edition of Back to me., by Christina Riley, has arrived from the printer.

The pre-orders will be packed and mailed this weekend. If you haven't ordered one yet . . . what are you waiting for? This book, which Pete Brook called "tense, honest and important" is slim but, after you've looked through it once you'll either want to go back to the beginning and look again, or put it down and think about it.

Get your copy here.

And . . . we're slowly getting SadCity, by Scot Sothern, sorted.

Right now we're working on the binding. We're having this book French Stitched and the first sample of the binding left something to be desired, so it's back to the drawing board, turning over stones to see how we can make it work.

We're also planning on leaving in the creep (the bits of the page that stick out when the folios are put together, this is usually trimmed).

SADCITY, by Scot Sothern. Coming this fall . . .

When I was in high school there was this kid named Carl who had a cleft pallet and honked like a goose when he talked. He was probably the worst looking kid in town; he had acne and he was pigeon-toed.  One day, on my motorcycle, a BSA Hornet, in the school parking lot, Carl rode his bycycle into my path and I centerpunched him.  Carl and his stack of books and his lunch box went flying.  I rode around him and I imitated his goose voice.  “Hey Carl, watch the fuck where you’re going?” Other kids were watching and I did a wheelie and zoomed out into the traffic.  I wonder if Carl remembers it the way I do.

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BACK TO ME, 2nd edition

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