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Been moving the OFFICIAL OTTAWA fotos around, selecting, ordering them on paper. It's interesting to see what's there and how it looks on spreads and turns.

I've been using rudimentary software and getting magazine-size publications printed by Blurb. Problem with Blurb, though, is they only perfect bind and I'm sure I want some of the OO pix to go across the gutter. Perfect binding sucks at that, you lose stuff in the gutter.

But, like I say, it's been an education working with the images. Even though there's the gutter issue, not to mention the size I'm getting from Blurb (8.5 x 11 in.) is considerably smaller than the final publication will be, being able to see the images in book form is helping me a lot.

There are a few approaches to edit/sequence; most serious fotogs will pin work prints to a board, move the actual physical fotos around, as opposed to working with their virtual counterparts. In the end I always get the good-old work-print/board thing going. But being able to hold, handle and turn pages seems like a swell first step. And these days, what with POD being so easy, it makes sense to me to rough stuff out in this way.

Of course, the hard work is still to come, the agonizing before the actual locking down and production of the "finished" product.

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