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We're working on the new Scot Sothern book, Sad City.

The book combines fotos with stories. The relationship between the fotos and the stories fall into two categories . . .1/ the stories are riffs on what might be happening in the fotos and 2/ the fotos are jumping off points for ruminations about Scot's past.

Do we sequence the fotos and let the stories fall where they may? Or do we sequence the stories and let the fotos fall?

Of course we're not taking either of those approaches. No, we're treating the complete thing as a body of work and sequencing both the stories and the fotos. Quite the juggling act.

Sad City will soon be available for pre-order. Sign up to the STRAYLIGHT newsletter to receive advance notice and to get first dibs on the Special Editions.

It’s 1978 and I’m renting a clapboard dump high on a Silver Lake hill looking out toward Hollywood. The guy next door, on the other side of the wall, tells me he used to be a Black Panther and he did time for murder and he steals cars for a living. I ask him if he can get me a car in the two-hundred dollar price range and he tells me he’ll keep an eye out. He lives with his sister who is a whore and totally blind. I ask her if she’s ever accidently climbs into a cop’s car but she doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. Late one quiet Friday night I’m reading and have the door open when the sister next door starts screaming. It’s not my business but it continues for a while so I go next door and knock. The Black Panther opens the door and apologizes for the noise. His sister is on the floor in the middle of the room pulling her hair and beating on her head and screaming. I ask him if she’s alright and he says she will be in a little while. I go back to my place and open a beer and a little while later she stops screaming.

Top to bottom: Page spread from the initial dummy; story; page spread from the initial dummy ; sequencing.







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