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Hands up. Who wants to have a bad time?

I’ll bet I’m the only one who raised their hand. No sane person wants to have a bad time, right?

Wrong. (If you ask me.)

I think bad times, and taking steps which will more than likely lead to having a bad time, are very important from a creative standpoint. (And I say this from my comfortable, middle-aged, white guy, have a newish car and a pretty good job, point of view. I know that there are bad times and there are BAD TIMES. What I’m talking about here is the lower case version.)

I get sick and tired hearing all the time how cool everything always is. How everything always works out (even tho it always does, in the end). How certain we are. To me that just indicates a failure of the imagination; a lack of risk taking; a certain acceptance of the status quo. We don’t see that our groove has become a rut.

Not that I want to hear a bunch of complaining. No complaining. (Am I complaining here? Maybe. But I embrace my contradictions.) No, what I like to hear from people, from time to time, is that they’ve purposely gone and put themselves into a position where having a bad time was way more likely than having a good time. Where they’ve courted disaster or, at least, spectacular failure.

Screw Club Med, fuck Vegas, that shit’s just cliché. Get yer ass out there, into the middle of nowhere (or into the middle of everything), where nothing is certain. Go on, get confused, make the wrong decision, get lost, don’t know.

Speaking from personal experience, I know that every time I’ve gone and done it, every time I set myself up in sticky situations, courted failure and welcomed bad times, well, I’ve never felt more alive.

And, for your information, I’m actually having a good time these days. But I have plans . . .


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