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We've been working hard here, dealing with scores of details and firming things up for three books due out within the next month or so.

We've got HOME, by Timothy Archibald; Sad City, by Scot Sothern and ATTACK & CONFUSION / ASLEEP AND WAKING UP, by yours truly (that'd be Tony Fouhse).

Here's a shot showing one of the prints that will be available with a Special Edition of HOME:


Here's a shot and story from Sad City:

When you live in a box you mostly pull yourself around with your forearms. When you pee you do it horizontally into a plastic gallon milk jug and the front of your pants are usually wet. You're always on the lookout for matches and Bics to momentarily illuminate the fuzzy yellow space and set fire to the rock in the pipe, the one thing you have managed to keep hold of. When the night is spent you crawl out of your box to meet the day with great apprehension; you stink and your clothes are ragged and your hair is matted; your breath is foul and your sores don't heal, you attract vermin and nobody wants to help you.

And finally, a page spread from the ASLEEP AND WAKING UP section of ATTACK & CONFUSION / ASLEEP AND WAKING UP:


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