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HOME, by Timothy Archibald, began as a Tumblr called Stereoscopy.

A series of photos, mostly diptychs, mostly of his 2 kids, often with writing, shot with a smart phone, while his marriage was dissolving. I followed that Tumblr as it was unrolling and was struck by the whimsy, the slight mindfuck, the vague reference to photo history and a few other threads I couldn't pin down.

In a way it was kind of like when I was blogging LIVE THROUGH THIS: a series of dispatches being posted more or less as events unfolded. Minutia, side tracks, wrong turns. Raw material that also stands as a thing unto itself.

I asked Tim if he might be interested in publishing it. He agreed and we set about giving it another form, turning it into a book.

Thus began a 2 or 3 month trip taken by email and Skype, Tim in San Fran, me in Kapital City, Kanada, our minds and aesthetic proclivities meeting somewhere in the middle . . . call it, geographically, Nebraska.

One of the things I like about photography, probably as much as (maybe even more than) taking photos, is editing them. Editing in the old-fashioned sense of choosing and sequencing. Having the raw material that was Stereoscopy and shaping it into a book which would turn that work into something else, into a . . . book, was big fun. Especially with Timothy on the other end, questioning, exploring, anchoring.

I'll leave it to Mr Archibald, at a later date, to talk about the process from his end. After all, process is a big part of what it is we do as photographers, editors, makers of books. I'll close here, though, by saying the book is very different from the original Tumblr, it's kind of melted down to an essence. I'm pretty sure it's more mysterious than the un-edited version, which might strike you as strange. Surely an edit should clear up mystery, eliminate chaff, point the way. But life's not like that. And HOME is about life as much as it's about anything.





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