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STORY, april 8, 2007   

I stopped by a garage in Westmoreland, California. Met Mando and his coworker. We talked about the weather, the war and stuff like that. I was totally struck by Mando’s face. I really wanted to take his picture. After a while I asked him if I could. He was quite reserved, almost shy, and told me, “No”.

Now, usually when someone says no to my request to shoot them I say, “Fine, no biggie”, or something along those lines. But this guy’s face was too interesting for me to give up so easily. So I said to him, “That’s okay. I can’t help it if you’re a pussy”. I figured I’d either get the shot or get a lug wrench upside the head.

He looked at me and said, “Okay, just let me go wash my face”.

I liked his face dirty but settled for what he offered. While he was in getting cleaned up his coworker said to me, “You know why he’s letting you take his picture? Because you called him a pussy”.

I said, “I know”.

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PAPERWORK, december 5, 2010

Steph and I made our first foray out into the straight world; the first of what will be many trips to many rooms in institutions that have interviews and waiting lists and criteria. We went to get some papers signed.

Now, I’m a portrait photographer and what you will see here, as Stephanie and I help each other, will be set-up portraits that we’ll shoot as this project slowly wends its way towards the outside, straight world. Towards help.

And if it seems a little bit fucked up to be serializing this trip here on drool, if it seems odd to be setting up portraits as we, Steph and I, move through this maze, all I can say is: “I know what you mean”.

But you need to know that Stephanie and I have had the discussions, we believe what we are doing is right. In this case the camera is a catalyst. We have no idea what will happen, what shape this thing will assume. In a way we’re both in over our heads . . . I’ve never done anything like this before and Steph has never made steps towards help. But we’ll do our best and see what happens. The future is unwritten.

And here's a page spread . . .

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