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The other day, out walking the dogs, I snapped this pic with my iPhone . . .                                                                 

Then I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. It got a lot of likes. Yikes.

Now, the fact that I posted it must mean something. It might mean "I like this shot". Or maybe it means "Here's a landscape I was recently walking through". Perhaps I believe that the desolate mood of this image, posted so close to Christmas, somehow reflects my thinking about this time of year.

Anyway, whatever it might mean to me, it surely means something else to whoever looked at it. And maybe aspects of it's "meaning", what it might mean to me and what it might mean to the viewer, overlap. There's no way to tell.

But all that's a given, beside the point, really.                                                                                                                   
What I find interesting about the likes the image garnered is that, in many ways, it is antithetical to the look and feel of my "serious" images and projects. It's soft and easy to like. And, as Cindy said when we were discussing it, "It's easy to like romantic images."

Now it could be successfully argued, I'm sure, that a current of romanticism runs through all my work. Perhaps there is a romanticism to the very act of rendering the world through the filter of the stress of your years since birth and saying, right out loud, "Consider this!". Maybe any attempt by anyone to show their relationship to this world is, by definition, romantic. I don't know, but have my suspicions.

But there's romanticism and Romanticism, isn't there? And making images that are too easy to like, especially in my most recent work, is something I'm trying (or maybe am compelled) to eschew.

Hanging banners on Confederation Blvd. from: OFFICIAL OTTAWA

Tony Fouhse, Boxing Day, 2014



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