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Here in the depths of our Canadian winter I'm scheming a new project. My projects involve wandering about outside and I've never been one to do that too much when it's freezing out. (Except for walking the dogs.) 

To that end (remember here I'm talking about a scheme for a new project) I shot a few tests over Christmas. I have a subject in mind and wanted to see what some close approximation of that subject would look like with the lighting I thought I'd use.

I have this idea, or maybe "notion" is a better word, that I want the photos and the project to look "photographic". And by that I mean I want them to look fairly unrefined and happenstance. Of course, being a control freak, I will work to make the happenstance fit my notion. If you know what I mean.


These test shots were done using a hand-held flash and a Mamiya 7. I love the idea that the flash just lights everything up, is so democratic in what it illuminates. I also really like the idea of surprise, the surprise that that kind of light, combined with using film (so you don't know until later how the subject is actually going to to be rendered) provides. Combine this with only shooting a frame or two of each person and you approach a kind of lack of control and happenstance that I'm interested in exploring.

After shooting Mom and Frank, I took some nephews outside for further testing. I used a slightly different light position for these and don't like 'em as much because of that. 

So there you go. More testing in the near future, gotta shoot some people standing in the middle of the road or, at least not right up against a wall, to see how that looks. 

Then all I have to do is wait for it to get warmer so I can get out there and see what happens/make something happen.

Tony Fouhse, January 7, 2015




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