Behind BACK TO ME (2nd edition)

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Tony Fouhse | 0 Comments

I followed Christina Riley's trip as it was happening; her trip to that land you go to when you don't take your meds. I saw the pictures.

The photos blew me away, they seemed so authentic, they seemed to come from her nervous system. I knew they should be a book.

We  talked about it, Christina and I, and after a time she said, "Yes, it's right to do it now". So we set about the edit, the look and the feel.

You have to understand we had no idea who might buy the thing, Christina being much more known as a musician than as a photographer (though the strength of these images will dispel any doubt about her talent as an image-maker). So we printed 100 copies and wondered who might be interested.

Well, the book struck a nerve and touched people who know what it feels like to feel like Christina did. Or know someone who knows what it feels like to feel what Christina did. (In the book there's a photo of a bridge, the bridge where Christina was going to jump to end it all. Christina received an email from a woman who's brother did end it all, and he ended it all by jumping off the bridge that is pictured in Back to me. In her email the woman thanks Christina, tells her she now has a better idea of how her brother must have felt and why he jumped.)

 Long story short, after selling some copies to the usual suspects (friends, family, those who buy every title STRAYLIGHT produces), Back to me received a number of reviews, all pointing out the merits of the work, pointing out how unique it was and, yes, how important. (You can read them if you follow the link below.) And, thus, the book sold out.

And we decided to print a second edition. You can buy it here: XXXX.






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