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Up until now, STRAYLIGHT Press has always just published the work we like (and think is important). Sure, we try to presell as many copies as possible, get the good-old cash-flow flowing. The hope (and it's worked out so far) is that what we like (and think is important) will find an audience that will support us with their wallets. But a few weeks ago we began a Kickstarter campaign in order to publish OFFICIAL OTTAWA, by Tony Fouhse. 

Some of our titles, so far

Now, we like the idea of crowd-funding, but only up to a certain point. On the plus side, it allows independent voices a means to get their work out by circumventing the standard model for publishing. 

One of the problems we have with crowd-funding, though, is its closed-loop aspect: You do a Kickstarter, meet your goal, publish your book and deliver it to the folks who contributed. Great. What then? How do you further engage the people who have supported you? Seems to us that the "community" you've created is really just a one-off.

Memorial (from: Official Ottawa)

So STRAYLIGHT decided to design this Kickstarter to work against (or at least circumvent) that aspect of crowd-funding that kind of bothers us. Giving away the end result seems like the opposite of a closed-loop.

Because there's no money to be made at our end, and because we're broke as fuck, we're totally dependent upon folks like you to support this and make it happen.

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