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 Well, well, well. . .what have I done? 

Let me tell you.

I knew I wanted to publish books of my work. I did some research, some digging and learned a thing or three.

One thing was that these days most fotobook publishers, if they even accept your work, want the fotog to pay, upfront, 50 to 100 percent of the printing costs. For that you get some distribution and an ego rub.

I also learned that, if a publisher is interested, you will have to cede a certain amount of control. For instance, a European publishing house was interested in LIVE THROUGH THIS, but wanted it to be a certain format and page count. I understand that working with a designer is paramount for fotobooks and working on larger "strategies" also makes sense, but I had to take a pass.

Finally, the timelines are long. An accepted book gets dropped into the publishers' queue and wends it's way. . .

So I decided to do it myself. After all, this is the age of the internet, right?

Making a book

Initially I thought about doing a crowd funding thingy to get it on the press but that just seemed selfish and slightly tawdry. So I started to wonder. I looked at Rob Hornstra's The Sochi Project and Alec Soth's Little Brown Mushroom and decided that STRAYLIGHT would be a combination of both those approaches.

A place where books (not only my own) might be funded by pre-sales and continuing sales, where matters relating to the printing of and discussion about photo publications/projects might be raised. Also a place where there is some community in the sense of supporting and offering the work of others to concerned citizens. 

There's more to come. More about STRAYLIGHT's ambitions, more about photo-publishing projects and more about some of the folks involved. But that's enough for today. There's always tomorrow (until there isn't.)

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