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 It seems so fitting to be selling 'zines of my series "Ordinary Places" with STRAYLIGHT since it was Tony Fouhse who offered some advice which completely altered the look of this work. I began photographing these former crime scenes in the evening to coincide with the time of day in which murders tend to occur. The bizarre colours, shapes, and atmosphere of the photographs, however, were far from reflecting the stark landscape and message I wanted to present. 

After I had already photographed a number of the locations at dusk, Fouhse suggested I change to shooting during daytime. I knew his advice was on the same track as my intent, but it was still difficult to return to those places I already checked off my list and reshoot them. The extra work kept me busy until the snow began to fall, but the busyness was worthwhile when "Ordinary Places" was complete and had the look that was compatible with my vision.

Shannon Delmonico

And, as a personal aside. . .this image (which is the one that comes with the special edition of ORDINARY PLACES) is titled: Leanne Lawson. Leanne was a friend of Stephanie and, through Steph, I got to know Leanne too.

Tony Fouhse

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