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 A month ago I thought I had LIVE THROUGH THIS all sewn up. At least the edit and sequence.

A week or so ago I sent a PDF of it to Colin Pantall, who has been a steady source of insight and help over the past few years. He pointed out a flaw in my thinking. . .one I knew was there but didn't know what to do about it. If you know what I mean.

Being a photographer, and (as well) knowing I didn't want to hold the viewer's hand too much, I had taken all the words out of the book. (Except for the completely separate booklet that will be included with LTT, that describes Steph's life in her own words.)


Colin pointed out that the story couldn't just be told by using photos, that if I wanted to more fully convey the sense of that the THIS in LIVE THROUGH THIS was about I needed to include the written word (sparingly).


So it was (and still is) back to the drawing board. I'm working away at including Steph's writing, as well as my own, into the weave of images. 

I thought just sequencing the photos was complicated enough, but try to add 2 other voices into the mix and the problem becomes diabolical. But it's working. The thing is becoming much better for it.

There will now be, in a way, 4 voices in the book: my photos, Stephs words, my words and, at the end, that booklet that Steph wrote that starts with her first memory and moves forward from there.

My first memory of a child would have to be when i was about four years old. I was sitting in the blueberry feilds with my mom picking berrys and all in that day i triped over a line in the feilds and almost stuck the blueberry rack in my neck then later that day i sprained my ancle in the hole out in my nans yard and . . .

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