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 From the upcoming Scot Sothern publication: SadCity.

Martha likes to look pretty when she goes to Starbuck’s and panhandles food.  An upper-middle late thirties couple invites Martha to join them.  Martha sits and asks for a lemon cake and a caramel macchiato.  The woman goes inside to buy Martha’s goodies and the man asks Martha if she is enjoying the beautiful weather.   Martha says she used to wear a bikini before they were popular and all the other women were jealous.  The guy says I’ll bet you were beautiful and she says don’t patronize me, I know what I am.  The guy sputters confused apologies and then goes quiet.  Martha says it’s a beautiful day, I’m going to the beach.

The guy’s wife, Jackie, comes back to the table with a slice of lemon cake and the macchiato.  Martha tells her that’s not a macchiato, It’s supposed to have ice cream in it.  Jackie says I’m pretty sure that’s a caramel macchiato, it’s not a cold drink, you can’t really put ice cream in it.  Martha says it’s not what I asked for, I asked for a macchiato.   The guy, Jackie’s husband, tells Jackie, maybe she should go back and check, get Martha the right drink.  Jackie glares at her hubby, takes a five dollar bill from her purse and hands it to Martha, tells her go get your own fucking drink.  Martha takes the five, the cake and the caramel macchiato and goes back the way she came.

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