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Travelled to New Glasgow, found Steph. We're holed up in a motel room, working on the text for LIVE THROUGH THIS.

QUESTION: How do you think the whining and the tantrums efficted me? Or did you think about me at all?

ANSWER: I know the wining and the tantrums effected you large and probley wanted to bring me back to the block lots of times but i didnt think of you at the time of the tantrum not until it was all done then i felt better from getting my way but felt bad about how I just put my friend through that.

QUESTION: Why do you think I stuck with it?

ANSWER: Well at first I was scared that you wasnt ganna stick through it , I thought you was ganna be like any of the people that offered me help on the steet help me 1 day and never see the guy again, but now that it is years later im glad you stuck with it and it changed my life alot 


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