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There's been a lot of Steph stuff here lately. That's because I just got back from visiting her.

She had been through a rough patch a few months ago. I wanted to see how she was doing and am happy to report that she's just fine. Back on the straight and narrow.

Besides just having a visit, I also wanted to get some work done. There were gaps in the last bit of LIVE THROUGH THIS that needed filling. I wanted to get my hands on some documents I knew Steph had. She'd been moving around a lot lately so her stuff was kind of spread out, left behind. We went to one of the places she had stayed at a while ago to look for them and there they were. . . .her hospital discharge papers and a bunch of recent drug tests.

There was also a lot of writing Steph needed to do for the booklet that will be in the back of the book, where she talks about her life in her own words. 

She wrote about her time staying in my house, recovering and what happened when she moved back home to Nova Scotia.

When I first stayed at your house I didnt really know what to think cause I didnt want to run in and out all night like I was use to but I had A habbit to feed but I did enjoy it cause you were my only real friend but it all worked out and to sum it all up I loved it.

I was mostley scared to come home and deal with my warrents but I was A little scared to get caught up in the users down here and I was thinking I would get sick and find the first place to buy pills and be off again 

So, as you can see, we've been working hard, spending both financial and emotional capital to make LIVE THROUGH THIS as good as it can be.

The look and feel of the book is starting to get nailed down, finally. After 12 or 13 iterations and probably 4 or 5 or 6 sub-versions of each version, it's beginning to find the shape it needs.



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