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I thought I was done with the edit, sequence and look and feel of LIVE THROUGH THIS a few months ago. Then I got some feedback and it was back to the drawing board. The thing with a project like this is, there are just too many ways it can be assembled, too many ways to tell the story.

But the past 2 months I've spent reforming and refining and changing the book have been most fruitful. Let me tell you, it's getting tight and evocative, it's telling the story in a way that just feels right.

Here's a page spread from the latest version. All that remains are a few tweaks of the words (which ones inserted where) and then it'll be passed off to Paul, the designer, for him to do his thing. 

It's starting to get real, exciting.

Just moving to ottawa I had no money and no familey and no home I felt alone. I remember thinking to myself "How did you get so far from home?" the most fearful thing is being alone!!



THE UNITS is off to the press

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