Posted on August 17, 2012 by Tony Fouhse | 0 Comments

After who knows how many versions, days spent trying this and that just to see if it'd work,  LIVE THROUGH THIS has taken shape, it's got a look and feel that seems right.

Now I have to compile all the images, organize the text and send them off to the designer. So far I've just been using simple book-making software to figure it all out and I'm excited to see what Paul will do with it all.

Of course there are still a bunch of final details for me to work out. But the bulk of this phase is done.

We had planned on getting the book into your hands late fall this year and it looks like we're right on schedule. 

Once again. . . .to everyone who has pre-purchased a copy, that support means more than you can know. Steph and I both thank you.

Here are a couple of out takes. . . .



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