Posted on August 24, 2012 by Tony Fouhse | 0 Comments

Had a few meetings with Paul (designer) and Pam (print rep) this last week. Going over stuff like paper choice, cover possibilities and just how much it's going to cost to get this thing on the press.

Turns out that I could save about $1000 if I chose cheaper paper; very nice stuff but, still, paper that I don't want. So: no way.

Part of the idea of STRAYLIGHT is that printed photo matter is a sensual thing, and how the pages feel in your hand, their weight and texture make a difference. So we're going with the expensive stuff.

The printer is going to bind together a couple of 80 page, 9x9 inch blank dummies, using Husky Offset Smooth paper (one dummy will use 70 pound paper, the other 80 pound)  so Paul and I can see and feel.

All of a sudden this thing is feeling real. LIVE THROUGH THIS has now moved from the working-with-the-edit-sequence-and-look bit into the man-this-is-really-happening phase. Scary and exciting.



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