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The continuing saga of getting LIVE THROUGH THIS off the computer and onto the press. . .

When I received the dummies made of uncoated paper a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled, felt so good to hold an actual thing in my hands, made the book seem more real.

Then the sober second thought. The reason for using uncoated paper was so the book would feel good, and I have to admit to liking the idea of uncoated paper. But every time I print on it at home, feed it thru my trusty Epson 3880, I'm disappointed. In the end I have to admit to liking my prints to look like photos, if you know what I mean. None of this arty/farty matte shizz for me. Plus I really dislike the way the contrast and blacks are rendered on uncoated stock.

So Paul (the designer) and I had a big talk and decided that the way the photos looked in the book was more important than how the paper feels in the hand. Back to the drawing board.

We met with Pam, our go-to person at the printers, and studied more options. In the end we decided to have 2 more blank dummies made, using 80 and 100 pound Opus Matte sheets; the closest we could find to uncoated that would still make the photos look like photos printed on photo paper, if you know what I mean.

And while we were at it we decided to totally rethink the cover as well. What stock to use, its look and feel, its ambitions and so on. So we're not really back to square one, but certainly we're somewhere near there.

This aspect of doing the book reminds me a lot of the process of editing, sequencing and deciding on its look and feel. . .long and complicated. But as I always tell myself, what's the point of doing something easy?



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